Paint Protection Film & Application

    We offer multiple options for Paint Protection. For those most concerned about protection against rock chips and scratches, we recommend having paint protection film added to those areas.  Some people want just a front-end protection package and some want their entire vehicle's paint protected with it. We install Suntek's Ultra 10 year film. If you want your vehicle to look freshly polished, stay cleaner longer and have proper cleanings be a breeze our clients choose to have their vehicle Ceramic Coated. We have several options available. Typically our clients choose a combination of both PPF and then Ceramic Coating over the PPF and the rest of the exterior. We also have Coating Packages for the Interior as well!

Benefits of paint protection film

Chip & Scratch Protection

Helps protect and guard your vehicle against stone chips, scratches caused by rocks, road debris and other surface contaminants.

UV Protection

Aids in blocking harmful UV light, which is harmful to unprotected paint surfaces.

Chemical Protection

Prevents chemical stains, acid etching caused by bird droppings, bugs,  and other harmful chemicals from reaching the vehicles painted surface.


The latest film technologies have gotten so good that they are nearly invisible to the naked eye and do not distract from the vehicle's painted finish.

Resale Value

Having us install PPF will help preserve your vehicle's resale value. The value your vehicle decreases when any part of your vehicle gets repainted. 

Precision Cut

We have the best equipment on site to cut out vehicle patterns on the fly.

Expert Installation

Exquisite can give you that nearly invisible and seamless finish finish you're looking for!

Self-Healing Properties

The film we install has self-healing properties built within that help prevent permanent scratching and abrasions in the film.  Some will heal with on their own and some should be looked at by us.