Ceramic Coating Done Right!

    A lot of companies are trying to get in on the Ceramic Coating craze. You might now see them sold on Ebay and Amazon. There is a substantial difference between products you as a consumer can get your hands on vs the professional products we install. The products themselves are different, but the paint preparation for the coating installation is one of the most crucial parts of the system. For instance, I could install a consumer grade coating on a perfectly prepared surface and have it outlast a professional grade coating on an improperly prepared surface. That properly prepped surface does come at a cost. It's labor intensive, and with our many years of experience, I will properly correct and polish your vehicles paint surface to prepare it for a coating or a Paint Protection Film install. Ideally you want to have your vehicles paint looking its best before installing any type of paint protection. Not only will it look its best longer, it will be the most durable.

    Unfortunately, some car dealerships and detail shops have given coatings a bad reputation. When you purchase a car dealer protection package, it is typically expensive, the exterior of the car receives a product that is equivalent to a paint sealant used in our regular details, and a piece of paper warranty. We differ from that and make your vehicle look stunning and protection that will last years with the proper care! 

    My Ceramic Coatings Packages for a car-sized vehicle range from $800-$1,600 depending on what coating you decide. The coating package does include an Exterior Detail, which for some vehicles, is enough to remove imperfections and prep the surface for a coating. Typically, Paint Correction is needed prior to installing the coating to get the paint looking its best.  There are options ranging from 18 months all the way up to 9 years of protection! That all depends on which product you choose. As with all coatings you need to maintain them properly with proper washing. I am Gtechniq Accredited, which is a limited team of installers throughout the world. Because of that, I am authorized to install Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra, which is their top-tier coating, which is the most impressive coating I have installed. 

    I do have experience with other coatings as well. I have installed Ceramic Pro, IGL, Auto Pro, and Opti-Coat coatings. After doing so, I have chosen to strictly install Gtechniq and IGL coatings. They are the best choice for me as an installer and more importantly you as the client!