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Small Trucks & SUVs


Vans, Large Trucks & SUVs



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What's Included?


  • Thorough cleaning of wheels, wells and jambs.
  • Multiple bucket hand wash with pH neutral extreme foam shampoo.
  • Vehicle is fully dried with compressed air and microfiber drying towels to leave a spot free clean surface for further services.
  • Paint decontamination to remove impurities that latched onto the vehicles surface (whole vehicle).
  • Polish applied by machine to help eliminate minor imperfections/swirls and bring back that shine!
  • Wax and paint sealant applied to help protect your vehicle until the next treatment.
  • Trim cleaned and protected.
  • All exterior glass is cleaned with lint free waffle towels.

  • Thorough vacuuming of the carpet and upholstery.
  • Compressed air is used to blow debris out from tight spots, between and under the seats, and other hard to reach areas.
  • Every hard surface massaged with an Enzyme Cleaner to remove dirt and grime.
  • Headliner is spot cleaned where needed.
  • Carpeting, cloth seats, and floor mats are shampooed with a Professional Extractor to remove as much dirt, grime, and stains as possible.
  • Cleaned hard surfaces will be conditioned with a pH balanced, water based formula that leaves a satin, non greasy finish that won't attract dust!
  • All interior glass is cleaned with lint free waffle towels.
  • Leather is conditioned with a strong added UV protectant to help preserve it from the elements.
  • Includes exterior hand wash.
Engine Compartment

  • Visible surfaces cleaned and lightly scrubbed with a gentle degreaser.
  • Compressed air is used to properly dry compartment and connections.
  • Surfaces are dressed with a non oily protectant that will not attract dirt and will give a nice new look.

Our Attention to Detail


After a thorough wash, decontamination, and machine polishing, a sealant or wax is applied. We have short-term (6-8 month) additional protection options as well as long term ceramic coatings (2-7 years)


Your interior is equally as important as your vehicle's exterior.  We work with cloth, leather, suede, alcantara, wood, vinyl and more. For extra protection on your interior we offer an additional protection package. 

engine compartment

Engine compartment detailing is important as well. Keeping it clean can help find leaks if they happen. We take extra care with this area and make sure all electrical connections are dried thoroughly with compressed air.

Wheels-Off (optional)

Many people like to have their vehicles wheels removed so we can thoroughly remove the brake dust and road debris from the wheels, brakes and wheel wells. Typically, while they are off, the clients choose to have them ceramic coated for ease of cleaning and protection!