Prima Glide Clay Lubricant

Collections: Exterior, Wash

Product type: Exterior

Vendor: Prima



Prima Glide is specially formulated to work with all detailing clay. Together, Prima Glide and detailing clay create a smooth paint finish by removing contaminants from the surface. Prima Glide creates a very fine, yet essential, layer between clay and the paint. This layer is critical in order for detailing clay to slide across the paint, allowing the removal of contaminants yet preventing harm to the paint itself. Prima Glide and detailing clay are safe on glass, fiberglass, chrome, plastics and all paint types. 


Shake well. Use only on a clean surface. Mist a small area with Prima Glide Clay Lubricant. Gently slide the clay only along the wet surface, concentrating on even pressure and coverge. Wipe off excess Glide. Continue on to the next section. Avoid use in the direct sun and on hot surfaces. When detailing clay becomes dirty, strecth & fold it in order to expose a clean side.


We use and recommend these Nanoskin Mitts for decontamination

Mitt Fine Grade

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