EZ Detail Brush Little

Collections: Brushes, Exterior, Wash

Product type: Exterior

Vendor: EZ Detail



The EZ Detail Brush is a perfect wheel brush and engine brush. It’s 13” long with a vinyl coated, flexible wire stem and a 2 1/2” diameter of nylon and Nylex memory bristles. The EZ Detail brush is made of soft yet durable Nylex and Nylon bristles that gently loosen and remove dirt from all kinds of surfaces without scratching or dulling. The EZ Detail Brush allows you to clean the wheel barrels efficiently and effectively - removing brake dust and grime.

EZ Detail brushes are the most versatile wash tools ever!
They allow fast and easy access to nooks and crannies without scratching.
You will find hundreds of applications around your garage, shop and home!

Made in the USA