CarPro Reflect Super Fine Polish

Collections: Exterior, Polish

Product type: Polishes

Vendor: CarPro



Developed to create the ultimate gloss prior to installing Ceramic Coatings. Reflect represents the future of paintwork finishing technology, featuring rapidly-diminishing abrasives and sophisticated nano-particles. Tested by professional detailers around the world. Reflect offers a fast working time, with zero making of defects, supreme ease of use, and the ability to deliver a consistent mirror finish on both hard and soft paint types alike. 

  • Removes holograms and fine swirls/scratches
  • NO dusting 
  • NO spattering
  • MOM greasy
  • NO silicone 
  • Easy to wipe
  • For conventional and scratch resistant paint
  • Grit sanding scratches from P3000
  • Available in 1L (34oz) and 500ml (17oz) Sizes




  1. Shake well and pour 4-5 drops on foam finishing pad
  2. Speed range 900-1000 rpms
  3. Machine polish pressure 0-medium
  4. Work until full polish break down