IAT1500 Diminishing Compound




Collections: Compounds

Product type: Compound

Vendor: Americana Global Inc

Tags: compound, paint correction, polishing



Join the movement of faster paint correction of flawless finishes with the all new IAT1500 by Americana Global Inc. Using the most innovative in agglomerate particle design while harnessing the most advanced diminishing Isolated Abrasive Technology. Americana Global Inc, IAT1500 will make light work of any of your toughest jobs. Isolated Abrasive Technology or IAT for short is a system allowing the end user ease of use with professional results. Its fast cutting abilities and low dusting formula will help you achieve on heavily distressed paints, all while finishing down with maximum gloss and near flawless finish. IAT1500 is step one of they Americana Global Inc correction method and is suggested to follow with IAT3000 for intensified gloss and depth. The EFC Pads are highly recommended with the system.